A New Adventure!

Well hello there! Welcome to my new site! I’m glad you’re here πŸ˜€ I’ve finally gotten around to working on it so if it’s your first time here then you’ve picked the perfect time to check it out and if you’re returning then welcome back! This is going to be super short because the Revelation Online closed beta is going on right now and I’m excited to jump back in! Got a list of ideas for new videos, overviews, guides, and a lot more. I’ve got so much stuff I wanna do but not enough time to do it in. Plus things like work, that whole 8 hrs that has to be dedicated every day /sigh. Anyhow, make sure to check back in soon for updates here!

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"@L33TChinaMan I tried to create a new blizzard account and it came up that my DEVICE was banned which means HWID. I… https://t.co/nGHrxD7pfS"
"@L33TChinaMan Damn that's lame too. I actually tried to log back in and my account is still banned. Such a shame."
"@L33TChinaMan Did your account get unbanned? It's open beta now so anyone can play. Could create an alt blizz account for it."
"@HazyGameDev @Pixcelerator Those swings are SUPER satisfying! Awesome job :)"
"@dan_vogt @nautabotnews Fun game! Super smooth playback on my #GalaxyS8 and "mother" is a cunt :) The graphics are… https://t.co/gOQYVURhLm"