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About MrGerrm

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. It’s currently in its infancy so please bear with me as more content is added over time. I’m not one for really writing lots of things about myself, I prefer people to watch my videos and stream to get to know me. Alas, here are a few things about me 😀

MrGerrm is:

  • Male
  • Bearded
  • 29 years old
  • Works in IT (all of it)
  • Sometimes funny

Sometimes I like:

  • To play games
  • Anime
  • Programming (C#, Java, some Python)
  • Grilling (I’m actually a pretty good cook)

System Specs:


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"@L33TChinaMan I tried to create a new blizzard account and it came up that my DEVICE was banned which means HWID. I… https://t.co/nGHrxD7pfS"
"@L33TChinaMan Damn that's lame too. I actually tried to log back in and my account is still banned. Such a shame."
"@L33TChinaMan Did your account get unbanned? It's open beta now so anyone can play. Could create an alt blizz account for it."
"@HazyGameDev @Pixcelerator Those swings are SUPER satisfying! Awesome job :)"
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