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This guide will hopefully be laying the foundation for you to start off right and get your character progression focused so you don’t end up behind the curve and wishing you had done this or that! Below this introduction you’ll find my Youtube video which serves as a companion piece to this. Since this is somewhat of an in-depth discussion I figured it would be great to have a written guide to accompany the video. This will allow for you to easily refer to specific portions, review data, and reference information without the need to pause a video, search, rewind, etc. This guide was borne of a much less specific request from a friend of mine. I was asked to create a guide on what players should prioritize first and after thinking about that for a while I decided this, “it depends on what you want to accomplish but regardless of what that is, Revelation Online is a game which prioritizes gear over skill.” So with that being said it is my opinion that the best thing a new player (or character) can do is focus on getting the best gear possible, as soon as possible! This guide will be focusing on getting you a set of gold crafted gear with as little frustration as possible. I won’t be walking you through the quests that you have to go through in order to get to the point where you craft your gear but I’ll be laying it all out for you in regards of to where to get the materials, how much of each material, etc etc… So without wasting anymore time let’s get started!

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What to Focus on First

Without a doubt, the most asked question is “where do I start?” You start by getting your character to level 20 and running the Darkfall dungeon. Run that dungeon until your eyes bleed and get the best gear you can get from it. Once you’ve got all the best gear you can get from it you keep running that dungeon, roll need on all the gear you can, and then you salvage it! By salvaging the gear you’ll get materials needed to craft your gold set. You should be on the lookout for Hematite-1 in particular since at level 35 you can craft your level 37 gold weapon! Since you’re running Darkfall so much you should have plenty of Demonslayer points so one option is to go to the Demonslayer merchant Little Suri in Sulan and purchase some Hematite-1 if you want. However, it’s suggested that you use Imperial Society merit instead since, as u/hiyono points out, “it’s a HUGE waste [to use Demonslayer points]” and Imperial Society merit points are “much easier to come by and you can collect them in vast numbers very easily.” You can find Stephan Zagar, the Guide Posting merchant (aka Imperial Society vendor) at this location in Sulan.

Once you’re level 35 you can start running Deserted Shrine and Misty Hollow! Your sole goal for running these dungeons should be to get the best gear from them you can and then get salvage gear that you can break down for materials and Gyth. Make sure you’re running these dungeons the maximum allowed times possible each day/week. While you’re running these dungeons keep an eye out for the item Mist’s Nyx – Secret Treasure, it can have some of the items you’ll need to craft your gold set later on! Just right click them and if you get a scroll looking item out of it then right click that too! It’ll lead you to a random spot in Nuanor and give you some treasure.

“I’ve got my gold weapon, now what?”

You’ve crafted your gold weapon?! Awesome! Good job! Congratulations, you’re well on your way!
Good, so you’re at least level 35, or you should be…If you’re not then you you should get to level 35 so you can start running Misty Hollow and the Deserted Shrine. These dungeons are imperative to your gold gear crafting success. Run them the maximum number of times possible! If you don’t know how much that is then you can refer to my video here.

Gear and Materials

So you’re running these dungeons, doing all your dailies, and you’ve crafted your mainhand gold weapon? Well now it’s time to start really planning for the future! Let’s talk about all the items in your set and the materials you’re going to need to craft it!

Items to be on the Lookout for!

Ok, so once you’re able to begin running dungeons you should be on the lookout for the following item(s);
  • Soul of Mist
  • Silverstone
  • Hematite-1
  • First Leshy Heart
  • Mist of Bright Jade
  • Mist of Irregular Pearl
  • Mist Flourite
  • Mist Sand
Some of these items are rare drops inside the Deserted Shrine & Misty Hollow dungeons, some are rewards for completing the dungeons on harder difficulties, and some can be bought from various favor shops around Nuanor. There are also some special variations of the item called Soul of Mist that we’ll go over. So jumping into this item list lets start with the most important.

Soul of Mist – this item is used to purchase the other various items from the Guardian Lesser Grocer Little Suri. To purchase these items you’ll be exchanging Demonslayer points that you’ve accumulated from your dailies and completing dungeons. Now looking at the screenshot there are 2 of each of these items except for the Mist of Irregular pearl.


Soul of Mist Variations

That’s because there are variations (1,2) of the Soul of Mist item which can be used to reduce the number of regular Soul of Mists required to purchase the item. For example, let’s say we want to purchase Mist Sand. 1 Mist Sand costs 5 Soul of Mist and 200 Demonslayer points each, in the screenshot you can see I have 3 Soul of Mist – Sand which I can use to offset the number of Soul of Mists needed. If I click the plus button I increase the number the number of soul of mist – sands which then makes the number of Soul of Mists decrease.

Anytime you have one of these special variations (1,2) of the Soul of Mists item you’re going to want to use those first since each item can be bought with the regular Soul of Mists, but not each item can be bought with the variations (1,2). When purchasing your materials, just make sure to check if you have these variations (1,2) before purchasing the items and use them first! This will benefit you in the future. So lets recap, the only difference between each of these is that one allows you to purchase these items with a special variation (1,2) of the Soul of Mist item so as to offset the amount of Soul of Mist required to purchase them. If it’s a little confusing then don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it in no time!
Just think of it as a special item discount!
So the number one item you should focus on getting is the Soul of Mist item since it’s the main item used to exchange for the materials needed to craft your gold gear. As for the special variations (1,2) of the Soul of Mist, I’ve come across these 2 which are the Soul of Mist – Sand and the Soul of Mist – Flourite.

The next items are Silverstone, Hematite-1, and the First Leshy hearts. They can be dropped from many mobs in the scour dungeons, the regular dungeons such as Darkfall, Misty Hollow, and Deserted Shrine, and they can be bought from various favor vendors as well as other players. The vendor I chose to buy from was Stephan Zagar, the Guide Posting merchant in Sulan since I had a ton of favor points with the Imperial Society.

The remaining items, Mist of Bright Jade, Mist of Irregular Pearl, Mist Flourite, and Mist Sand, are a little more difficult to come by. These are rare drops in the dungeons, they can be purchased at the Guardian Lesser Grocer Little Suri in Sulan, or at various favor vendors. The reason I say these are a little more difficult to come by is because of their price. They’re a little more expensive and therefore require a bit more effort to get.

What Your Gold Set Looks Like

Your gold set will consist of the following items:
  • lvl 37 Mainhand (to start)
  • lvl 45 Pants
  • lvl 45 Earrings x 2
  • lvl 46 Offhand
  • lvl 46 Chest
  • lvl 46 Gloves
  • lvl 48 Helmet
  • lvl 48 Boots
  • lvl 48 Rings x 2
  • lvl 49 Necklace
You can craft all of these items at the same place in Sulan. The weapons can be crafted at Equipment Forger Mas Jessle and the Armor/Accessories can be crafted at Equipment Forger Finley Ser. Not the same exact place but these NPCs are right next to one another!

What Materials You Need

Alright, let’s get into how much each piece of gear will cost and how much your full gold set will run you so you have an idea of what you should be aiming for. Keep in mind this is for your level 37 gold weapon, your level 45 – 49 gold armor, and accessories! In this table you can see how much of each item you need in order to craft the gear but not only do I have the total number of materials required, I have the total number of Demonslayer points the materials will cost you (where applicable) as well as the number of Soul of Mists you’ll need to acquire the materials. In case this is a little overkill I’ve summarized the information for you below 😀

Level 45 Gold Individual Item Totals (Materials, Soul of Mists, & Demonslayer)
ItemSilverstoneMist SandMist FlouriteMist of Irregular PearlMist of Bright JadeFirst Leshy HeartHematite-1
Earring x 2288204832
Rings x 22012804832
Material Totals (Individual)112046337271184
Soul of Mist (Individual)01002301653500
Demonslayer Points (Individual)0400092006600140000

Level 45 Gold Set Totals (Soul of Mists & Demonslayer)
Total Soul of Mist (Set)530
Total Demonslayer Points (Set)21,200

Material Totals & Lists

Materials Shopping List

In total, you’ll need the following:

Materials Totals
271First Leshy Heart
20Mist Sand
46Mist Flourite
33Mist of Irregular Pearl
7Mist of Bright Jade

Faction Favor Materials Totals & List (Imperial Society)

If you wanted to buy all the materials from the same vendors I did then your costs would be, based on your level of favor with the faction, as follows:

Materials from the Imperial Society
Hematite-1 @ 90 Imperial Society Merit ea16,560
First Leshy Heart @ 20 Imperial Society Merit ea5,420
Silverstone @ 2000 Imperial Society Merit ea22,000
This would come out to a grand total of 43,980 Imperial Society Merit.

Demonslayer Materials Totals & Lists

Materials from the Guardian Lesser Grocer Little Suri
MaterialSoul of MistsDemonslayer Points
Mist Sand1004,000
Mist Flourite2309,200
Mist of Irregular Pearl1656,600
Mist of Bright Jade351,400
This would come out to a grand total of 530 Soul of Mists and 21,200 Demonslayer points.

However, that would be if you bought everything normally without having any of those Soul of Mists variations (1,2) I was talking about before. The other thing you can do if you happen to have a large amount of Soul of Mists is substitute them for Demonslayer points. This is similar to substituting the soul of mist variations. Each Soul of Mist can be substituted for 60 Demonslayer points. So keeping that in mind, the number of Demonslayer points needed will come down drastically if you plan for this early on and stock up on the Soul of Mists you receive!

TLDR – Super Condensed!

  1. Start running Darkfall at lvl 20! Get all the gear you can, salvage everything else.
  2. Keep an eye out for these items Mist’s Nyx – Secret Treasure and Soul of Mist (& variations 1,2)!
  3. Do your dailies/weeklies!
  4. Start running Misty Hollow and Deserted Shrine at lvl 35! Get all the gear you can, salvage everything else.
  5. Keep an eye out for these items Mist’s Nyx – Secret Treasure, Soul of Mist (& variations 1,2), Mist of Bright Jade, Mist of Irregular Pearl, Mist Flourite, and Mist Sand!
  6. Full Gold Set Material Totals Table
    Material Totals
    271First Leshy Heart
    20Mist Sand
    46Mist Flourite
    33Mist of Irregular Pearl
    7Mist of Bright Jade
  7. Use Soul of Mist variations (1,2) before using Soul of Mist to purchase the crafting materials!
  8. Buy Materials from Little Suri in Sulan and Stephan Zagar in Sulan.
  9. Craft weapons at Mas Jessle and craft gear at Finley Ser in Sulan.
  10. Profit 😀


That’s all there is to it! If you follow these steps from the time you create your character then you’ll be ready to craft your gold set in no time at all! I have seen people curious about what order they should craft their gear in and that is completely up to you. It’s your character, what is most important to you? Personally, I think if you follow this guide and save up your materials you’ll be able to craft most of the pieces very quickly so it won’t matter anyway but in the event it does just try to think about what role your character plays. I play a tank so crafting armor will probably be the most important first, the accessories, then weapons. I hope this guide was helpful, make sure to check back every so often to see what’s new! I’ll be releasing more guides over time which will cover some of the ways you can improve your gear and what options there are to upgrade it. If there is something that you’d like explained or you want a guide on please let me know in the comments! Make sure to follow me on social media, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook!

Until next time, take care!

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